Embers of War – A Space Opera for 2018


Life Above All.

Sal Konstanz knows this motto well. As Captain of the Trouble Dog, a retired sentient vessel, she and her crew go to extensive lengths to save the lives of others. When Sal decided to carry on the legacy of her many times great Grandmother, founder of the House of Reclamation, she knew the risks she was taking. Members of the House used legend of the Hearthers, a species once prevalent in the universe who provided aide to all, as the foundation of their organization. So, when Sal and Trouble Dog receive a distress call from the edges of disputed space they don’t think twice about running to the aide of a vessel under siege. Unfortunately, a plot most devious is under foot and the Trouble Dog’s crew is in for venture they never imagined possible.

About Embers of War

Written by Gareth L. Powelland published by TITAN BOOKS, Embers of War is a space odyssey you are sure to fall in love with. The universe that Powell builds takes existing science and meshes it seamlessly with fiction. There are references to Earth and the Moon along with touches of mining on Saturn’s satellites. Powell envisions a future ripe with extraterrestrial exploration and a hint of war.

FGN Perspective on Embers of War

It has been some time since last I finished a PRINTED novel. I forgot the smell of the text and the feel of the pages. Nostalgia aside, I could not be happier with this novel. There is great detail in the story that drives the senses. Powell describes worlds with sentient trees or places full of humidity so oppressive it can drive men to madness. The characters have thorough back stories that all seamlessly tie into a very organized and unique timeline. Each chapter is written in the perspective of a character…

  • Sal Konstanz – Captain of the Trouble Dog – A lonely woman who has seen atrocities but still hopes.
  • Trouble Dog – Sentient Warship – An AI built from human Stem Cells who is discovering her emotions.
  • Nod – Druff – An alien engineer who is older than he seems.
  • Ashton Childe – Soldier – A former cop turned soldier whose isolation is driving him mad.
  • Ona Sudak – War Poet – A woman on the edge of space seeking refuge from the crimes of her past.

Each person’s telling of the story gets its reader more involved in what is at stake. The story arc itself is FANTASTIC. I had a really hard time putting this book down. On a scale of 1 to 10 this book earns a solid 9 from me for creativity, consistency and development. If ANY of you have even a MILD love for Science Fiction Novels PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pick this book up!

Where to Buy

Embers of War is available online at TITAN BOOKS, through AMAZON and in stores.


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