The Alienist: episode 5&6 review


 If you’ve been following along, I didn’t miss an episode. I promise. I made a decision to hold off because I wanted to give myself a moment to forget about my ire with the writer and that letter. I have in the past, had a hard time divorcing the artist from the art, so I needed a week. But I came back, and boy am I glad I did.

In these two episodes the tension ramps up to an almost heart palpitating mood. There is in fighting between our merry band of murder hunters with Sara pushing Dr. Kreizler’s buttons more effectively than any other person probably ever has. And I love it. I love watching her assert herself and prove that she is more than just a pretty face who can type. And there was a proposal that had my jaw dropping not only for the shock, but because it was farcical.  John asking Sara to marry him while in the midst of the street whilst getting a shoe shine was a pretty cool way to subvert that romance that was starting to bud. I believe that John really does care for her, but not as much as he cares for alcohol.  And then, oh boy, the corruption. You want to think that this is just a really overly dramatized version of what really happened back then, but man, does it make me mad.  And it’s not just political or police corruption, oh no, the writers make no apologies for touching on the corruption in the church and I find myself cheering for them being bold.

I was feeling pretty lukewarm about this show after episode 4, but I’m back in it now.  You have family covers ups, Theodore Roosevelt manning up in a huge way, and a cop so dirty he can’t wash the mud off him.  And also, can I say, I am glad that the guy with the silver teeth isn’t the killer. I am and I’ll tell you why, because I fell for the red herring. I did. The wealthy parents seemed to show up for a reason, but with him no longer in the picture, and poor Stevie coming face to face with him, I can’t wait to see who this guy is.  The plan was solid, and it almost worked. And it certainly was a heart pounding sequence. It did the one thing it needed to do for me at least, get me back super interested in the story and the “who is the killer?” question.

I’ll be back next week, with the new episode review. Only 4 more left to go!


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