‘Hungry Ghosts #2’ is a Frightening Feast


Editor’s Warning: One of the initial stories in this comic involves the eating of horseflesh. 

Hungry Ghosts, the new Dark Horse horror series from famed chef Anthony Bourdain, is not for those of a weak stomach. Issue #2 is no exception. The chefs gather to tell there horrific tales under a game called 100 candles, where they hope to survive the night. One chef tells the tale of a man who feasts upon his horses and faces the consequences. Another tells the story of a chef suddenly in the company of man-eating goblins after the death of his Master.

When Dark Horse puts a warning on a comic about it being for “Mature Readers” please heed this warning. Hungry Ghosts, like Anthony Bourdain for the most part, is not for children. There is some extreme violence and I’m going to have a hard time getting the image of a man feasting on a horse head out of my brain. For horror fans, this is a really fun comic to read. For sensitive readers, stay away.

Hungry Ghosts #2 is available today from Dark Horse.


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