Murder and Archeology in “The Garden Plot”


The American Pru has been in England for almost a year in which she has been looking for work as a gardener in The Garden Plot by Marty Wingate. Turned down by everyone to whom she applies, Pru is on the verge of returning to Texas when she gets a small local job cleaning up the garden of the Wilsons. After a day of dealing with vines, Pru gets into the garden shed, only to do some digging within the shed and find hints that a mosaic of a Roman horse might be buried there. This really excites Mr. Wilson, an amateur and highly enthusiastic archeologist, who is so thrilled to find ruins in his own backyard. But then the next day Pru goes back to the shed, only to stumble across the body of one of Mr. Wilson’s archeological friends.

Pru gets involved in the case, connecting with the Detective Chief Inspector in the case, Christopher Pearse, and becoming romantically involved with him. Noticing that Christopher seems to suspect the Wilsons of the murder, Pru determines to investigate on her own to clear the names of two of her only friends in London.

This book was a fun, light cozy mystery. I needed such a book after reading the more intense The Circular Staircase. The Garden Plot has a fun premise of the combination of gardening and archeology. I really liked getting to learn about the Roman history in England and about some archeological practices. The characters of Pru, Christopher, and the Wilsons are reasonably well defined, though not drawn in too much depth. We do find ourselves cheering for Pru to succeed in both her career and her life.

Erin Bennett performs the audio edition of this book. She does a delightful job of making the book lively and enjoyable. She creates believable voices for the different characters and enhances the reading experience.

I enjoyed listening to The Garden Plot. The story was fun, and we find ourselves invested in the characters and especially the love affair of Pru and Christopher, as Pru nears having to lose what she has just gained because of a lack of success in finding employment in England. I give this book four stars.

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