New Webshow ‘Personal Space’ Features One of Richard Hatch’s Final Performances


Personal Space was one of Battlestar Galactica legend Richard Hatch’s last performances.  The new webshow features not only Hatch, but also Nicki Clyne  from Battlestar Galactica, as the unwitting leader of America’s new favorite reality show. When the crew of the Overture launched into space in the early 1990’s, reality shows were not yet a television phenomena. Now 25 years in the future, a television station has purchases the video rights to the lives of a crew of people in cryogenic sleep.

King (Richard Hatch), is scheduled to go back to cryogenic sleep as his time as the commander has ended for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, he is less concerned about going back to sleep, and more concerned about telling the new commander Gail Gartner (Nicki Clyne) how to do her job, while wrestling with the concept of his own mortality.  Gartner does not have an easy job and she’s trapped in her desire to be nice. Her crew is still mentally stuck in the 1990s and petty arguments. They argue over a Donkey Kong game, one guys right to play a recorder that does not belong to him, and other petty torments. The speak to a computer program onboard about their frustrations, which they don’t realize is broadcasting all of this as a television show. The computer is also using some elaborate editing techniques to stir up trouble among the crew as well.

The show gives flashbacks of TV shows like MTV’s The Real World and has a lot of references for folks who were alive 25 years ago.  Keep an eye out for fun things like “Infinite Void’s Best Boss” on a coffee cup and a characters request for the recorder-player to play songs by Rush.

Personal Space has some places for thought. A woman’s leadership is being questioned, which is something that never seems to change. A female leader acts as if she’s afraid of losing her crew liking her; again, nothing changes. There’s also the frustration of being an introvert in a small space with people you can’t stand in what seems like the ultimate terrible group project setting.

Personal Space is now on Amazon video and is free to Prime members.



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