‘Capture Creatures’ is an Adorable and Colorful Adventure


Looking for a comic both you and the younger members of your family can enjoy with limited mental scaring? The recent collection Capture Creatures features a young girl named Tamzen and an accidental adventure on what was thought to be a mostly abandoned island. Tamzen is smart, adventurous, and mostly fearless. The night before she’s supposed to return to her mother’s home in the city, she decides to take one last trip into the natural spaces near her father’s home. After being chased away by a ranger, she comes home and discovers that her father’s intern is not only her age, but has never really seen the spaces he’s helping to rebuild. Tamzen takes him to some of her favorite spots and the two discover an adorable creature neither has ever seen before. This sets them on a journey to take it back to it’s home. Of course, trouble and adventure set in soon after.

The series was created by Becky Dreistadt and Frank Gibson. Dreistadt does the pencil work and Gibson wrote the script. The combination leads to a fun story with adorable artwork and inventive creatures.

Capture Creatures Volume 1 is now available from BOOM! Publishing.


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