Adventure is Out There in Scales and Scoundrels #7


Series Summary: Scales and Scoundrels is a lively adventure comic for all ages. The series follows the misadventures of Luvander and her search for riches. In the last issue, Luvander and Prince Aki fought a terrible creature and fell into a deep cavern without their comrades.

What I noticed first while reading this issue was Luvander’s sudden appearance change. Her jacket literally disappeared and she tore her pants into shorts. After that, she is suddenly looking a little Lara Croft. Maybe someone on the creative team was really excited about the new movie? It’s a good look on her either way.

This issue was a wrap-up issue, closing Luvander’s adventure with Prince Aki, Koro, and Dorma. We also finally got a glimpse of Luvander in all her glory and learned a little more about who she is and what motivates her. It wasn’t exactly surprising what they revealed. They’ve been subtly hinting at what and who Luvander is since the first issue, so it’s about time that they confirmed it.

One thing that this series has done really well, is building a really unique and diverse world in such a short amount of time. In just seven issues they built Prince Aki and Koro’s culture, Dorma’s culture and this new underground world that they’re now tourists in, not to mention the larger world that they all live in and it’s norms and expectations. They were very consistent with the expectations and norms of these worlds too and the reader has a clear glimpse into each of them. I’m excited to see what other characters and environments that they introduce into the series.

At times Scales and Scoundrels is a very light-hearted adventure comic, but it has it’s serious moments too. I especially recommend this series for youth and teens. It’s also a great alternative some of the more violent media out there today.


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