Marvel and Comixology announce a new Avengers Digital Series!


Marvel Entertainment and comiXology, Amazon’s premier digital comic shopping & reading service, debut the next exclusive comiXology Originals digital comic series Avengers: Back to Basics, a 6-issue bi-weekly series written by Peter David with art by art by Brian Level on issues #1-2 and #5-6, Juanan Ramirez on issues #3-4, and covers by Nick Roche and Chris O’Halloran.

The first issue of Avengers: Back to Basics was released today and is available for only 2.99.

This new series sounds like a great starting point for those not already immersed in all things Marvel. And it appears that the partnership between Marvel and comiXology is going to try to hit that exact market!

“We’re excited to help bring fans – new and old – a brand new Avengers story featuring Thor, The Hulk, Iron Man and other favorites sure to capture the imagination of all readers,” said Chip Mosher, comiXology’s Head of Content & Senior Director of Communications. “With buzz over the Avengers reaching a fever pitch, you won’t want to miss this thrilling adventure!”


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