Review: Giant Days #36


Series Summary: Giant Days, created and written by John Allison is a funny and dramatic slice of life comic about three students trying to make the most of life while attending university. The story centers around pragmatic Susan, good-natured Daisy, and the cheerful goth Esther.

Usually, Esther is our resident drama queen but it looks like she’s got some competition this month. As you might have guessed from the cover, issue 36 centers around Daisy who continues to struggle with her feelings about Ingrid, their relationship, and the living arrangement she decided on for the following year.

In the previous issue, ten-year-old Charlotte, also known as small Esther visited the girls and accompanied Daisy on a visit to Ingrid and Daisy’s future living quarters. She was not impressed. Her parting words to Daisy were, “I’ve never met anyone worse than Ingrid. You should give her the shove”. The ten-year old’s perspective apparently provided Daisy with the clarity she needed. She surprisingly responded that she would give Ingrid the shove!

Daisy has flip-flopped over her feelings for Ingrid in the past, but from page one, we now know that she might have been serious this time. I won’t spoil the drama for you, but just know that a storm is brewing. 

Although this issue closes a chapter of the trio’s story as their living situation comes to end, it is more than a simple wrap up of loose ends. Just when you think things have calmed down the other shoe drops. The very last page of issue 36 will leave you craving issue 37.

The artists for Giant Days also continue to impress with their expressive characters and colorful backgrounds. In most cartoons and comics the characters usually have a set wardrobe of one, maybe two outfits but not in Giant Days. Esther sports four different outfits in this issue alone, which really adds to the character’s personality. As a regular reader, I really like this aspect of the comic.

Giant Days continues to be a fan favorite and is available today.


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