Emerald City Comic Con Part 1 – The Seattle Experience


Hello everyone and welcome to our three part experience piece on Emerald City Comic Con 2018!

Exploring Seattle

The beauty of ECCC is that it’s located in one of the most tourist friendly cities of the United States. Nestled between 7th and 8th Ave off of Pike Street, the Washington State Convention Center calls Seattle its home and plays host to the Emerald City Comic Convention each year. Seattle is an avid walker’s dream. The streets, albeit a little topsy turvy, are easy to navigate and there is a plethora of entertainment surrounding the WSCC. Since I arrived a day early in Seattle I decided to explore the city before tackling the comic convention on Thursday. Here are a few things you should know before wandering Seattle proper…

  1. It rains A LOT so have an umbrella or rain coat.
  2. The streets are slick, shoes with good grip is highly necessary.
  3. In March the city is VERY cold (40 degrees Farenheit and lower) so wear warm clothing.
  4. Free parking is a myth so either Uber/Lyft to your destination or be prepared to spend about $30 a day on parking.

Seattle Entertainment

This city is SO MUCH FUN to walk about in. There are restaurants, museums and shops galore! Before taking on Seattle be sure to map out your interests as some things could be farther off than you realize. If you park near Pike’s Place (a popular Seattle tourist destination and long running market) here are some things within a 3 mile radius I suggest you visit…

Be sure to dine at Pike’s Place while you are there. They have am incredible array of food options such as: French, Asian, Irish and Native Seattle Cuisine. I personally enjoyed the Cafe Champagne, their Carrot Tartine was delectable. You could also visit Piroshki on 3rd for incredible baked meals.

Around the Convention Center

For those who do not want to journey far from their convention centered hotel: we understand and don’t worry, there are plenty of options for you as well. Outside the convention center is a Subway and an amazing Crepe Bar. There are Starbucks on every corner (NOT A JOKE) and there are often Uber Eats drop off locations for the tech savvy consumer. You could even eat inside the convention center at their Beer Garden or one of the many cafe’s serving up sandwiches and salads.

For entertainment you have: GameWorks, a Movie Theater, Karaoke Bars and Beer Tours. About a mile walk from the convention center is also a Mall with stores for shopping and restaurants for dining. Those with wheels should check out Spot Hero and reserve spots ahead of time.

Here are a few images from our time examining the many amenities of Seattle. Be on the look out for Part 2: Attending ECCC tomorrow!


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