Emerald City Comic Con Part 2 – The Convention Experience


Hello everyone and welcome to our three part experience piece on Emerald City Comic Con 2018!

ECCC Halls: Dealers, Exhibitors and Artists

Emerald City Comic Con, lovingly dubbed ECCC, is the convention of halls. On the fourth floor you have access to the dealer and exhibitor halls which literally consume the entire space. One could walk the fourth floor for two days and still risk missing a booth to the mass distractions presented there. Access to the Artist Alley is also present on the fourth floor. In a back corner one can use a set of escalators (or stairs) and head to the sixth floor where all manner of local proprietorship is located. It was in Artist Alley where I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Matt Mair Lowery and Cassie Anderson, owner and illustrator of Lifeformed. Here is a summary of our interview with these two creative persons…

Lifeformed is an incredible comic and I encourage those of you interest to visit their newly created Patreon. Here are couple pieces of cover art by Cassie…

ECCC: Panels and Programs

When one has exhausted themselves perusing the dealer/exhibitor/artist halls there are panels where one can rest. Indeed, that would have been my pleasure were it not for several panels of interest filling up long before their running time. Despite this frustration I was able to present at two panels during ECCC and get a feel for attendee interaction. Here are a couple silly still images of me preparing for the Cosplay 201 panel in the TCC building…

The lovely head piece I am wearing was borrowed from Amber Brite Props. Outside of Panels, ECCC also hosted the following…

  • Western Cosplay Championship
  • Main Stage Celebrity Presentations
  • Fan Meetups
  • Gaming Tables

ECCC: Amenities

This convention really takes care of its attendees. For starters, they offer a free coat check to all participants in the convention (that includes bags and items you may not want to carry all day long). There are also quiet rooms and family lounges for people seeking solitude. Additionally, ECC had a room for inclusion where people could learn about…

  • LGBTQ Community Support
  • Consent in Cosplay and Life
  • Sex Education
  • Suicide Prevention

ECCC also has some of the BEST maps a convention could offer.


Since it’s tough to summarize the full experience check out some of our ECCC experience videos on the FGN YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Our FINAL experience article will post tomorrow and it will have LOTS of cosplay.


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