The Alienist Episode 7 review


¬†Again, I’m beyond late, but you know, life. So here we are at episode 7 of The Alienist, which means there are only 3 more left!!! I feel like there is so much left to happen that it surely all can’t be done. This was episode dragged a bit though there were a few bright spots. I was cheering on JP Morgan, even if he did consent to chloroforming poor John. And I was glad to see Sara stand up on her own even more. She continues to be a really cool character. Strong and determined, but not afraid to show her vulnerability. She’s my favorite.

I still continue to hold out hope that Captain Connor gets his comeuppance, and shake my head at just how corrupt it all was back then.¬† I did like the character development that Dr. Kreizler had, even if it seems a bit disingenuous. I wonder if he really is starting to see how his manner affects those around him, or if he’s playing to their cues, only to keep them in his life.

I was not super happy at the ending of the episode, as I said before I am a romance queen, but for two to have popped up in this show is almost too many for my tastes. I have just accepted John and Sara, only to have Laszlo and Mary? I just…it feels a bit too much like he’s still using her, but now just to avoid the fate of loneliness that John threatened him with.

Three more episodes and this limited series is over, and I cannot wait to see how it all ends. I had debated reading the book before I got sucked into the show, but I am now glad I didn’t (not something I would normally admit). I will probably read the series after the show is over, but for now, I am loving the anticipation of what is coming next.

I’m giving The Alienist episode 7 3.5 stars, I would have given it 4 if John had hauled off and punched Laszlo, he deserves it.


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