Death in a Bookstore in “Color Me Murder”


Florrie Fox works as manager of the Color Me Red bookstore in Georgetown and is invited by the owner, Professor John Maxwell, to move into the carriage house attached to his old estate in Color Me Murder by Krista Davis. She will get free rent, but the only condition is that she move in that same day in order to keep the professor’s sister from moving her scam artist son, Delbert, into the house. The sister and Delbert show displeasure when they arrive and find Florrie living there. The next morning, Florrie goes to work to find a trap door in the stairs that was once used to store bootleg alcohol during Prohibition, and inside the hole is the body of Delbert, with a spear thrust through him. It doesn’t take long before the police arrest Maxwell for the murder of his nephew.

Florrie decides to try to help Maxwell, but she gets so busy trying to run Color Me Red that she doesn’t do much. However, she has the assistance of her friends Zsa Zsa and Professor Goldbloom, as well as the homeless man, Jim, who stays nearby the bookstore and keeps an eye on things. Then someone attacks Mr. Dubois, the aging butler, who only survives when Florrie hears his cries. He keeps complaining about ghosts, but the nurse writes that off as a result of his medication. When someone rigs Florrie’s refrigerator to send an electric shock upon being touched, she realizes she is in trouble herself. So the nice Sgt. Jonquil with the beautiful blue eyes comes to protect Florrie by spending the night on her sofa. And they work together to locate the murderer and free Professor Maxwell.

Color Me Murder has an interesting plot and creative characters. It is the characters that drive the book, not the plot, which is fine but not particularly original. However, the characters made the book fun and enjoyable. I liked Florrie, the narrator, and her sister, Veronica. I especially liked the character of Jackie, the author who was Maxwell’s second wife and who has disappeared and is in hiding. The conclusion was a bit of a surprise, but I really was happy with the hero of the book.

Rebecca Mitchell performs the audio version of this book. She makes the book enjoyable, using good expressions and voices for the characters. She helps to make the book more fun as I listen to it.

Color Me Murder was a fun book, but I didn’t find it anything particularly special. It had its fun points at times, and I liked many of the characters. I give the book three stars.

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