Black Dog and Rebel Rose


 It’s not often I get a chance to review indie comics but that’s where I am today. Black Dog and Rebel Rose is a horror filled comic by indie author Dani Smith and her partner Alex Julian. I should admit that I am fairly well acquainted with Dani, we were with the same publisher for a while but once that crashed we both went indie. She is killing it!

Black Dog and Rebel Rose is the story of Rose, a demon killing BAMF who is on the hunt for her mother’s killer and she doesn’t really care who she has to kill to find answers.  In this first issue we only get a taste of her blood thirst, a short intro into who she is and how far she will go. But then we also meet Stryker, aka Black Dog. He’s a half demon, a horn dog, a chain smoker and I’m going to guess that he’s been dreaming of Rose a long time now. His reaction when they finally cross paths at the end of this issue is fun.

 Rats with wings? Demon rats? Super funny. This is just one example of the sublime color saturation and the gritty world that Alex Julian paints. Him and Dani obviously make a great team, and it shows in this comic.

Like another one of my favorite comics, Tank Girl, I had a hard time finding an image to share with y’all as this is definitely NSFW. Dark and sexy, Dani Smith’s Rebel Rose is pushing her way into the indie comic world in a big way.  Black Dog and Rebel Rose will be releasing on 3/17, available from Amazon, Comixology and so be sure to scoop up your copy.


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