Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock omnibus


 Fraggle Rock, one of my all time favorite things from childhood is back in this omnibus from Boom Press. And I jumped on it like a dog on a bone. I am a fan. No lie. I could take a picture of my shelf which homes the entire tv series, but you know, don’t want to brag or anything 😉 So I got to welcome back Gobo, Red, Boober, Wembley, Mokey and Uncle Traveling Matt. Not to mention the Doozers, The Trash Heap and the Gorg’s.  In 20 separate stories we get to reunite with all the fraggles and be a part of their fun adventures again.

Among the stories in this omnibus we start with A Throne of My Own and then we also get Different Times, Party Doozer Style, Red’s Big Idea, The Convincing of Convincing John, and My Gift is my Song, as well as many others.  And there were so many women writers in this behemoth I was quite excited to see that. A few of my favorites were A Visitor From Outer Space. There was a cat!! And the drawing of the fraggles was I think the best in this one.  I also loved Where Have all the Doozer’s Gone because the King of the Universe kidnapped them to build in his garden and Red came to the rescue! It was quite fun. And probably my favorite, because Boober was always my favorite, My Gift is My Song. The art in this one was so fun, like a giant pop of cartoony color amongst some more realistic art (I know it’s fraggles, but some of the graphics were less cartoonish)

This book was just one giant dose of nostalgia and I am never upset with that. Spending some time deep into the land of Fraggle Rock is never a waste of time. And if you grab a copy of this, make sure to spend a bit of time in the Activity Pages. Done by Katie Cook, there is something for the  kid in all of us, or your kids if you can get them into the fraggles. There’s coloring pages, drawing lessons, stretches and some arts and crafts to try out! Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock Omnibus came out yesterday and is available everywhere now from Boom Press!


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