The Alienist: Episode 8 review


┬áSo oh my god…I knew there had to be a subconscious reason for why I kept putting off watching this episode. And well, there it is. Good things happened in this episode. They figured out who the killer is. The twins got to meet real native americans. Sara got to do some real in the field investigative work. All good.

And every single bit of it negated by the last 2 minutes of the episode. If y’all could see my face right now. it’s all the mad and all the sad emotions all at once. I have never wished bad things to happen to a fictional character quite this much since I was introduced to Dolores Umbridge. In my mind, former Sargent Connor is that freaking evil and I hope a horde of angry centaurs come through and drag him off to be tortured.

That’s it. That’s literally all I have to say about this episode. I am too distraught to come up with anything else.


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