The Arizona Renaissance Festival: 30 Years Of Pleasure


In Gold Canyon, Arizona there lies a little town. From far off one would wonder WHY this little town has spires, parapets and battlements. With further inspection one discovers they have entered a realm of magic, mystery, pleasure and entertainment. Welcome to the Arizona Renaissance Festival Grounds!

About the Arizona Renaissance Festival

The Arizona Renaissance Festival is an integral part of entertainment for Arizonans and tourist alike. Running for 30 years, this event started as a small Renaissance inspired meetup and has blossomed into a fully functional town. Sponsored by Fry’s Food Stores, AZ Ren Fest has a permanent setup in Gold Canyon, AZ. There are castles, theaters, shops, small carts for food operations, bathrooms and all manner of physical structures styled to emulate the architecture of the Renaissance.

Food: Fuel Yourself Up

With how immense the festival grounds are it is VERY important to eat. Thankfully, there are food stalls every 5-10 feet (NOT KIDDING). With chocolate specialists, fresh fruit carts, breweries, cafes, carnivorous pleasure feasts, snack stands…there is PLENTY of food for the fair goer to enjoy. There is one little catch to this menagerie of food stuffs: CASH ONLY. That’s right, most, if not ALL, food stands only accept cash. There are usually ATMs near the larger stands or shops for a person to withdraw funds. A full meal at this event averages $8-$15 and typically includes a starch, meat, veggie and sauce. There are LOADS of healthy food options for the health conscious. There is also a pleasure feast that serves a HUGE meal over the course of several hours. This require a reservation but we advise you try once.


There is a show running at ALL TIMES during this event. With stages throughout the festival grounds, it’s difficult to become bored. There are pubs where singers/storytellers/dances perform and stages where acrobats/magicians/performers give it their all. You can visit mystical realms with fairies and mermaids OR go through a dungeon of tortures and punishments. Whatever your fancy, be it pirate or royalty, there is DEFINITELY a show for you.


If you are someone who wants to LOOK the part of a Renaissance Woman/Man then this festival is right for you. There are dozens of clothing shops that specialize in Women’s & Men’s garb. There are some that focus on the royal look and others that style for the riffraff. Whatever your preference, it’s likely you’ll find it at AZ Ren Fest. There are also make up artists who can paint your face OR Henna specialist to tattoo your skin. This festival even has hair professionals who skillfully braid beards and hair alike. If you don’t want to OWN garb you can also RENT a Renaissance outfit at the entrance of the festival grounds. This is also where those with ADA accommodations can find wheelchairs or electronic carts for rent.


Words cannot summarize the ELECTRICITY of the crowd at this event. The performers always bolster happiness in the attendees and there is so much to SEE at this event. So here is a little slice of the fair in video form for your entertainment…

OH! WE ALMOST FORGOT! At the end of each day there is a Joust to the death where four Knights square off for their Queen’s attention. Our knight, Sir Edgeron, won. Take a look…

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Arizona Renaissance Fest
Gold Canyon, Arizona,
Starting on
February 10, 2018
Ending on
April 1, 2018
Arizona Renaissance Fest
Offer Price
USD 24.00

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