Bloodborne #2


 This second issue of Bloodborne picks up right where the last one left off. The Hunter has the paleblood and it is going to leave The Hunt in order to help the child. I really enjoy this comic. I like how it gives me the story of the game that I never made it to, and I really love the beasts. They are so interestingly imagined, and gruesome. I was particularly fond of the snake creature in the forest. Not only gruesome, but smart.

It was also very cool to see the blood library in a new way. The healer was very cool, and I was beyond shocked to see the Hunter was a androgynous human. I always picked a woman when I played, but I guess I figured the Hunter would be male in the comics and I really loved how that was handled.

Another very cool part was the visit into the nightmare and the talk with Gehrman. His speech that included this line “Acts of goodness are not always wise. Acts of evil are not always foolish.” I love that line, I think it transcends not just this story but life in general.¬† I don’t guess I ever took Bloodborne for being highly philosophical, but the comic is turning out to be that way, or at least that is how I am reading it.

I am very curious about the last few panels that featured Gehrman. There is something sinister going on, something even worse then The Hunt I believe, so I cannot wait wait to find out what that is and just how far it’s treachery reaches.

I am just really loving this comic so far. I really enjoyed the game, even though I never made it very far, so to be able to learn more and delve deeper in this medium is making me very happy. I cannot wait to see what happens next.


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