‘The Ghost, The Owl’ is a Gorgeous Middle Grade Book


The new book The Ghost, The Owl is a new book designed for the slightly older child. In the book an owl discovers a young ghost child moving around the woods. He decides that he must find out why the girl is still trapped in the world. While he asks around, he discovers that there is much more going on in the woods than previously expected and must face his fellow owls. The danger of one man is alive and well in the forest.

Written by Franco, of Tiny Titans fame, and illustrated by Sara Richard, The Ghost, The Owl is a beautiful little book. It may be a bit lofty for its suggested age range, but the art is absolutely beautiful and my daughter loved looking at the owl artwork. The owls for the most part look quite realistic, while the ghost girl is a bit more cartoony to take away the sting of death.

The Ghost, The Owl comes to shelves April 25, 2018 from Action Lab Comics.


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