The Alienist: Episodes 9 & 10


 Well… it’s over and I have mixed feelings. The Alienist started out so strong, I loved the first couple of episodes. But then it kinda went a little flat, there was the issue with the serial killer letter that really bothered me and then…then there was Mary. So overall I was interested to watch the season finale, but not quite as excited as I was to watch the first episode. Let me back up. I waited to watch episode 9 and 10 at the same time because of Mary. I just, I hated that decision. Killing off a love interest like that can be considered lazy writing, and as a writer, it kinda really pissed me off.  And even though I understand why the writer did it (hello Kreizler moping all of episode 9 and then finally deciding to open up) it still irks me. But I’ll move on.

I really liked how Sara, John and the twins moved on without Kreizler. At the end of this series Sara is my favorite character, except for maybe Teddy Roosevelt. Sara never gave up, she was able to show emotion and strength, and she was shown to have full control over her own faculties, I think my favorite scene was her and John right near the end of episode 10, where he calls her a taxi and then steals it. My heart shined for them there and the romance seemed less forced and that made my heart happy.

I think it was the right move to watch both episodes together, mostly because I don’t think I could have waited a week to find out what happened to Joseph.  I had a tense few minutes near the end where I thought the poor boy was going to get it as well, but was able to breath easily when John saved him.  I also found it really interesting the way Kreizler was sad to not have been able to take the killer alive, his desire to learn from the man was interesting.  In the end, I didn’t dislike Kreizler quite as much as I did in the beginning, his arc was well handled, but I will always hold it against him the way he treated Sara.

The last two episodes neatly tied everything up. Connor got what he deserved. The killer was taken off the streets. John professed his love for Sara, and the twins, well they were just cool. And as a last note, everyone should keep an eye on Brian Geraghty, who played Roosevelt. He absolutely stole the show in every scene he was in.  I’m really interested in if TNT will bring it back, considering how high the ratings were for the whole run. I’ll be keeping an eye out. As a whole, I give the whole series a 3.5 out of 5.


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