Alamo Drafthouse Brings ‘Titanic’ to The Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA


As someone who has actually watched Titanic while on a cruise ship, I have to tell you that sometimes watching the film from a ship at sea is a bad idea. When the film is being shown just ship adjacent, that’s probably not as bad. On Saturday April 21st, Alamo Drafthouse and Rolling Roadshow will be offering an outdoor showing of Titanic right in front of the infamous haunted oceanliner, the Queen Mary. While the Queen Mary ended the lives of less people than the Titanic, I’m just happy they aren’t showing it in the event center right next to the extremely haunted boiler room.

“We will never let go of the story of Jack, Rose, and the ‘Ship of Dreams’,” says Henri Mazza, Alamo Drafthouse Vice President of Large Events. “So we can’t wait to celebrate this landmark film in the most amazing way imaginable.”

The Queen Mary is one heck of a backdrop for this screening. The ship is now a hotel with an incredible Art Deco bar and rotating museum exhibits. Tickets for this event include a self-guided tour of the massive ship (roughly a third larger than RMS Titanic), access to the museum, and a look at the Titanic exhibit, featuring rare photographs and over 150 artifacts from Titanic, her identical twin sister Olympic, and the rescue ship, Carpathia. Drinks and dinner are not included in the ticket but will be available on board.

The screening takes place April 21, 2018 in Long Beach, CA.

Tickets are available now at:



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