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Legion M




Legion M  brought a tidal wave of goodies to Wondercon 2018. There were panels on the upcoming BAD SAMARITAN movie starring David Tennant, announcements of upcoming projects and just a chance to get to Legion M.

For cinemaphiles who have cried, moaned, and pouted that Hollywood is no longer producing any great movies and only churning out remakes , Legion M is  extending a hand of welcome to a whole new world of production.

It is the only production company where fans can buy stock and own a piece of the company. Or you may not want to buy stock and can just be a member of Legion M. Either way, it is a company where input and support from the fans is encouraged, welcomed, and vital  to the company.  As of now, Legion M has raised over $3 million dollars with equity crowdfunding.

To get to know the company, I had a chance to speak to the CEO/Co-Founder of Legion M, Paul Scanlan. Above the Wondercon  crowd, it didn’t take long to sense the immense passion he has for not only Legion M but also for the fans that are the power force behind it. As he explained, the “M” for Legion M stands for their goal of 1 million shareholders to be a strong monetary contender and challenge the Hollywood powerhouses.  They are seeking to bring works from creators that would not have been considered and give fans a worthy platform to voice ideas and concerns. With the current times as they are, Legion M is a complete refreshment. Check out the following interview to know more about Paul Scanlan and Legion M.


Legion M were one of the reasons for helping launch the 2017 indie movie, Colossal to small screens everywhere. With the scary good dramatic talents of Jason Sudeikis and Anne Hathaway,  the movie featured giant monsters while tackling the crippling effects of addiction. This movie would not have infiltrated so many small screens without the support and encouragement  of Legion M.  They brought their fans and group to Sundance and ensured that the movie and the company were not ignored. All of their hard work and support paid off.  For we were all introduced to the talent of Nacho Vigalondo with his directorial debut of Colossal.

Personally, I was astounded when I first watched the movie. The content is numbingly powerful but the aesthetic delivery was beyond impressive. It had enough giddy goodies of monsters and humor to offset the balance against the darkness of the subject. It has been one of the most creative and honest perspective on addiction I have ever watched.

With the first movie already a solid hit, BAD SAMARITAN will be premiering on May 4th to high expectations. With their clever campaign and a strong foundation already, I am pretty sure that the movie will even succeed their exceptions. The problem is I am already terrified of the trailer!

Legion M synopsis of BAD SAMARITAN is as follows: “a terrifying cautionary tale of two thieves uncovering more than what they bargained for when breaking into a house they thought would be an easy score.  After making a shocking discovery, they must choose to run and hide, or face the killer whose dark secrets they have exposed.”

Already the trailer heightens my wariness of valet drivers. Seriously, is Tennant out to become the ultimate villain?! Almost every project he is in lately, he’s a baddie.

During a Wondercon panel, Legion M released a video of David Tennant reacting to fans reactions at Gallifrey One (A Southern California  Doctor Who convention) to the trailer. It is all around sweet and clever to instantly connect to a generation who can’t get enough of react videos. Of course, Tennant’s role as the Tenth Doctor  is a definite boon as it already brings International fans to eyeing this movie.



There is even more that Legion M announced! Other than movies, they will be releasing the following projects:




“Airship Cowboys”by  Adam Beason and Jed Rigney

“Archer meets Blazing Saddles.  The incredible and bizarre – and possibly true – adventures of a 19thcentury aircraft and its misfit crew as they travel the United States and the Old West on a government mission of diplomacy and butt kicking.” –Legion M






“Evermor” by  Perry Covington and Erik Figi

“Orphaned teenage twins, Ellie and Sam, discover a wondrous machine, the Forevertron, which allows them to journey through the multiverse and the almost alien alternate Earths within—finding danger, love, family, and the limitless potential of the human adventure. “- Legion M



There is so much that Legion M and you cannot help but feel the overall excitement! Bad Samaritan will be out on May 4th, 2018! Catch up and learn more about Legion M at https://legionm.com/.


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