Koschei #4


 I’m a few days late, but thanks to the lovely folks at Dark Horse, I am getting to review this one. I thought I would miss it totally, so I am relieved to have gotten my hands on it.  I am loving Koschei so much, but I can feel it striving for it’s end and that makes me sad. You definitely feel it in this issue; the end is nigh.  But that doesn’t stop this issue from being awesome.

In this short 22 pages we get a love story, as it were, between Koschei and an unknown witch. A very powerful witch who craves subjugation of the world. There is worship and there is travel and there is nakedness and then there is the twist. Which I am actually surprised I didn’t see coming. The set up is still the same, Koschei and Hellboy having a drink and a talk while sharing a beer in Hell. For this I am grateful. I love a story within a story, and that simple set up actually grounds the story that Koschei tells.

And near the end there is a battle. Avoiding spoilers is hard here, mostly due to who Koschei battles. But I can and will say, that it was cannily written and I didn’t see the set up before I saw the fall. It’s a great writer who so deftly handles a bait and switch like that. It definitely leaves you waiting to see what might happen next, as there is no real way to truthfully guess. And that I think is why I love this so much. Not only becasue it is Mike Mignola who can (in my eyes) do no wrong, but because this story is fun and seems, to me as a reader, to go places you would not think.

Koschei #4 came out on April 4th and is everywhere comic books are sold.


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