‘Strange Romance Vol 3’ is a Comic for Those Who Like Their Romance Original


Strange Romance Volume 3 is a collection of romantic stories for folks who like their relationships on the Sci-Fi/Fantasy side of things. Compiled by Phantasmic Tales, a small press out of Toronto run by Adam Prosser. It is obvious the titles that are produced are a labor of love, no pun intended.

From Superheroes playing a strange game of tag, to a woman who gives up on her robot boyfriend to save herself, this comic is a great deal of fun. One of my favorite tales involves a factory run by Cupid himself. Some of the stories are funny, some are tragic; all have some element of relationships, love, or romance. Don’t be fooled; this isn’t the 25 cent romance novel left over at the used book store. Most of the stories are refreshing takes and worth reading. There are a few tales where the art seems rushed and less appealing, but that feels more like a personal sense of style than anything else.

Strange Romance Volume three is available on Comixology or Gumroad. 


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