Mata Hari #3


 In Mata Hari #3 the story is told in flash backs. We learn more about her time as a proper wife and how horribly that ended. One child dead and her blamed for it, then her daughter taken from her as she is cast out.  We also see the beginning of her being Mata Hari. All alone in the world, she heads to Paris and her illustrious career begins. Amazed by the circus, she longs to join and does. As nudity is never a problem for her, Lady Godiva is an obvious choice for her and she does it with aplomb.

This is the beginning of the end for her. It never works well when women use their bodies as a tool in this manner, and when the law comes for her, they don’t come lightly. She does get a visit from her earliest paramour while in prison, but he is unable to help her. Such is her life, she throws her body out there but when it counts, there is no one there to catch her.

his issue of the series, is just one more step into the life of Mata Hari. Like the two issues before, it is beautiful. Colors are lush and inviting, and the art is sumptuous. But it is definitely reading MA and NSFW.  The sex is not done just for the sake of it though, it really does push the story forward, and is tastefully done.  I just, I really am enjoying this story. I can’t wait to see where the writer’s take it.


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