Raven: Daughter of Darkness #2


Raven: Daughter of Darkness #2

Raven has met another like her. Distracted by the unusual appearance of Azure, a girl who controls illusions, Raven is faced with fear and the unknown in the episode of Raven: Daughter of Darkness.

Chapter #1 of this Raven reboot left our favorite wonder teen confused and facing a powerful illusionist. Having lost her quarry, Raven returned home where she was greeted by her friends. They explained the sudden intrusion with words but she already knew: someone was sick. A quick trip to the hospital taught Raven that there are things in this world she cannot alter. There are ailments she cannot take away. Despite the sorrow she was faced with, the former Teen Titan carefully crafted a “thought” in the minds of her friends that encouraged them all to meet at her place and socialize. This soothed the friend whose Grandmother was dying. It also revealed to Azure, who was quietly following Raven, that the Daughter of Darkness was not the evil everyone assumed her to be.

What will happen to Raven now that Azure knows where she lives? How will Raven cope with being a super heroine AND a high school student? Also, WHO IS MERLIN?! Presented by DC Comics, this reboot has proven to be a favorite. We look forward to future installments and the development of a much loved half-demon empath.

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This comic is available in stores and online at: DC COMICS.

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