Youtini, a box for the Star Wars nerd in you


Picture this.

The scene starts when you push open the doors to the cantina. Music blasts you, swiftly followed by the smell of sweat and desperation. This is a terrible place for a meeting, you’re liable to get your leg stolen before you get a chance to sit down with the man who waits for you. But, when you are talking about the science fiction world to end all worlds, this is the place you want to be, right?

Now if only that was the honest truth. Instead my interview with Corey from Youtini was much less fantastical. Instead of meeting over a glass of blue milk, or perhaps a beer, we met over the interwebs, via video chat.  While maybe not as cool as strolling into the cantina, it was still a very fun chat to have.

If you haven’t heard about Youtini you can look them up here.  And if you are a Star Wars nerd, or a book nerd, or the magical amalgamation of both, you definitely want to check them out.

You’d have to be living under a rock lately to not have heard about the recent spate of subscription boxes that has swept the nerd/book/every community lately. And the founder of Youtini, Corey found a unique way to fill a niche in the market. Like he proudly told me, if there was one thing he knew, it was Star Wars books. Having read over 100 of them himself, he wanted to find a way to get them to other people. And so Youtini was born.

The company shipped its first set of boxes, okay well bags, out in December as a test run, and then fully launched in Feb.  So it really is a new company. Like other subscription boxes, there are options/levels; Newcomer, Legends, Cannon and Master. As well as the newly launched Graphic Novel option.  So no matter where you are on your Star Wars reading journey, there is a place for you in this company.

So far Youtini has shipped out:

Feb – Canto Bight

March – Last Jedi (which featured signed book plates)

April – Last Shot

May will be User’s Choice

And on top of that, Youtini also offers a special adjunct to the subscription. A library (of sorts) You have the ability to sign in, list all the books you currently own, and that way you will never receive a book you already own. I mean, how cool is that?

And Corey has big plans for Youtini, hoping to expand the library for better and easier use, possibly adding more to the boxes like kids books or RPG books.  Though a young man, and one already busy (hello, third year med student) Corey was quite astute about the market and what he thought was accomplishable. While close to being saturated, Youtini is such a niche product in a huge market (star wars merch), it has the ability to thrive. And that is exciting.

I like to say I am a Star Wars nerd, but as I previously admitted, the only SW books I’ve read is Phasma. Corey on the other hand, he is a dyed in the wool SW book nerd. He gave me his first book, Invincible by Troy Denning. He gave me what he thought was the best book, as well as his favorite, Lost Stars by Claudia Grey.  And one of the characters he was most excited about, Thrawn, because it was made canon, in the tv show Rebels.

So, there you have it. Another way for you to spend money. But when it’s books it’s okay, right?


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