Review: Giant Days #38


Giant Days #38

Series Summary: Giant Days, created and written by John Allison is a funny and dramatic slice of life comic about three students trying to make the most of life while at university. The story centers around pragmatic Susan, good-natured Daisy, and the cheerful goth Esther.

The Skinny: Issue #38 is the beginning of a new school year and a new chapter in the story of our heroines.

Best quote from the issue: “One day living together and you’ve already set-up competing pop-up restaurants!”

In the previous issue, Daisy dealt with the fact that her relationship with Ingrid was revealed to her grandmother. Granny did not take it like Daisy expected. Rather than being upset over Daisy’s sexuality, she was upset that Daisy hadn’t trusted her with that information.

Issue #38 brings us back to the start of a new school year. The cover is the perfect summary of this issue. The girls have moved into what will be their new homes for the following year, Daisy in the resident halls, Esther into her new house and Susan into a new apartment. While Daisy fearlessly navigates being a resident assistant, Esther and Susan face some unexpected challenges of their chosen living situations.

Susan is less than pleased with McGraw’s housing choice for the two of them. The atmosphere of their relationship in this issue can be summed up by the quote:

“One day living together and you’ve already set-up competing pop-up restaurants!”

Esther, our social butterfly also faces challenges in her new living situation. Ed hasn’t returned to school, still recovering from his injuries after their night on the town. Esther is alone in her conflict with Dean, who still has some hard feelings about how Esther ruined his wedding. Although Esther isn’t one to back down from a conflict, Dean might have won this round.

The last page of the issue hints at Daisy’s newest challenge, a choosing a career.

As usual, the issue was funny and worth the read. Giant Days continues to be a fan favorite and is available today.

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Giant Days #38
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