Koshchei the Deathless #5


 In this, the 5th issue of Koshchei the Deathless, we get more of the story of his slavery to the evil Baba Yaga.  I was pretty fond of the story of how he gave his powers to his horse, though the ending was not a happy one. But is there any happy in his life? Not very much, as far as I’ve seen.

His life is full of destruction and death, but not his own, not again. In this issue we hear about all those who Baba Yaga had him kill in her name, the witches, the giants, the Leshii and the Bog Roosh. But worst of all, his most despicable act while under her thumb, the total destruction of the family of Vasilisa. A mere girl who outwitted the Baba Yaga, and who left the old witch in a rage. It was the first time Koshchei had not followed through and the resulting atrocities would stay with him forever.

This whole series has been leading up to something. The two men sitting over a cold beer in hell, telling stories of a long and death filled life has to have an ending that will make it worth the wait. I hope.  I mean, I’m not complaining, I have loved reading these comics. I would read pretty much anything Mike Mignola wrote, but I still want a big ending. Maybe not explosions or anything, okay really, what I want is Baba Yaga to get hers. It only seems fair right?

So stayed tuned for what will hopefully be a great ending to this well written, deeply sad, and overwhelming heartbreaking story next month when the 6th and final issue comes out. I’m figuring it will be yet another 5 star read, just like this one.


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