Review: BAD SAMARITAN (2018)


Horror movies are not my forte. I steer clear of anything with torture scenes, gore, and genuinely anything that challenges the acidic components of my stomach.

However, an exception to that would be for David Tennant. That man can be sitting in the middle of a fiery circle full of venomous snapping turtles and I would still step forward to clasp his outstretched hand.




Continuing his reign of being an ultimate super villain, Tennant is Cale the super rich, jerk villain of BAD SAMARITAN. After handing his keys off to the grinning valets, Derek (played by Carlito Olivero) and Sean (played by Robet Sheehan), Cale enjoys his dinner at Ninos. While he wines and dines, Derek and Sean conduct their side hustle of using the in-car navigation screen to go to the owner’s home and commit petty robbery. Except this time, Cale was the worst person to rob him. For he is hiding a  woman who is tied and chained up. Sean tries to do the good thing and rescue the woman but is forced to flee at the last moment. Despite his poor reputation, he tries to convince the local authorities but no one listens. It is up to Sean to do what he can to rescue the unknown woman. Unlucky for him, Cale has found who has discovered his secret. Cale is not just a jerk. He’s a rich psychopath.

Produced by Electric Entrainment (same studio that brought you THE LIBRARIAN movies and supported by the fan-owned company, Legion M, movie viewers are treated to a different flavor of a thriller. Directed by  Dean Devlin, this movie may not have you screaming into the night but the sense of unease does linger in your mind. If nothing else, you may want to re-evaluate handing your keys to the valet.


First things first, this was a movie that I, an infamous scaredy cat, can watch the whole way through. I am definitely relieved that there weren’t any gore scenes so  I didn’t have to dive behind my hands. Definitely did jump a lot but  it was teased with swelling music, not the deep bass of ship horn.  The movie  teeters a foot away from the edge of the obscene with a glimpse of the horror and the mental breakdown but not enough to question your own sanity. It was essentially a very thrilling movie that played out like a scary lesson on the screen. Lesson: don’t steal.

This was a thriller movie with a psychopath where we do not know or fathom the insanity present. We see that the imprisonment was not of a sexual nature and that there were confusing bits of religious contexts there. It is clear that Cale is not of the right mental state at all.  BAD SAMARITAN  is less of an exploration of the crazy mind of Cale and more from the perspective of the rescuer. Especially  a rescuer who has no clout, no power, and a less than stellar  reputation. In fact, Sean falls into the category of one the worst possible rescuers.

As much as we don’t know about Cale, we know even less about the prisoner. She must have been a equestrian since he mentions that he saw her do dressage (English form of riding). With the hints of what we know of Cale’s past, why would he choose this woman? He clearly wants to kill her but not before “breaking” her spirit. Just as Sean is the worst rescuer, this woman must also be the worst prisoner to Cale for this woman does not break easily. There are moments where we expect her to completely break down or just give up but it seems that she is just going along  and placating Cale. Since Dressage is about elegant and subtle control, perhaps Cale was jealous of the prisoners ability to withstand the imprisonment?

Even after the movie is over, the questions will linger in your mind.  There are times when the movie slows to a quiet pace and you are lulled back into a sense of calm. Then it ramps up to crazy and accelerates from there.  It is definitely a movie I would recommend for a fun, thrilling story to play across the screen especially in a group.  Good luck to you if you used the valet to park the car when you went to the theater…

BAD SAMARITAN is out now in select theaters






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