A Fun Bookmobile Adventure in “Tailing a Tabby”


Minnie Hamilton drives the Bookmobile that is popular among the community in Chilson, Michigan for her bringing along her cat, Eddie, in Tailing a Tabby by Laurie Cass. One day as Minnie is driving home, she screeches to a stop when a distraught woman hails her from the road. She helps the woman drag her husband, who is having a stroke, to the Bookmobile and rushes him the half an hour to the closest hospital. Only then does Minnie learn that the man is Russell McCade, a highly famous artist. Visiting him in the hospital a couple days later, Minnie becomes close to Cabe and his wife, Barb.

Then, one night two weeks later, Minnie gets a call from a frantic Barb. She wants to know if Minnie can help her find a defense attorney because Cabe has just been arrested for murder. With the help of an acquaintance, Minnie gets the best attorney in the state, who gets the police to release Cabe without charging him. From the hospital, Cabe received a phone call in a muffled voice, saying that Barb has been kidnapped and that Cabe needs to go to a specific location to discuss getting her back. But when he arrives at the house, he finds the body of his one- time model, Carissa Raddle, followed immediately by the police’s visit and arrest of Cabe for her murder. Since his reputation as a clean man is so important to Cabe’s career, Minnie determines to find out the identity of Carissa’s killer.

I really enjoyed listening to Tailing a Tabby. The plot was stronger than the previous book’s, and there were plenty of extra details to add life to the book. The Bookmobile and its travels throughout the community adds a lot of flavor, especially the presence of Eddie, Minnie’s rescue cat who sneaked aboard the Bookmobile the first day Minnie took it out in the previous book. When Minnie tried to keep Eddie at home, everyone begged to see the Bookmobile cat, so Eddie now is popular with everyone and has become a big draw. He seems almost human, seeming to understand everything Minnie says.

I enjoyed having plenty of characters to add pleasure to the book or see as suspects. For example, Steven Wrangle creates tension as the aggravating director of the library. He keeps insisting that Minnie get rid of a library patron who spends most of the day in the library and tries to find any excuse to get rid of, or at least cut back on, the Bookmobile’s route, which forces Minnie to hide the presence of Eddie on the vehicle. Cade and Barb create a special couple whom you want to get to know, and Barb gets her mother, Ivy, a high energy woman who doesn’t even look her 70+ years, to volunteer on the Bookmobile. A group of men hang around the docks where Minnie lives on her house boat, but they get a little confusing to me to tell them all apart.

I really like the performance of Erin Bennett in the audio edition of this book. She does an excellent job of making this book come to life. I wouldn’t have recognized the narrator of the Cat in the Stacks books if I hadn’t known the same woman performed both series. She uses strong expressions and character voices, and as she depicts the various murs of Eddie, she makes him seem all the more real, as he gives highly expressive murs.

I had a good experience listening to Tailing a Tabby. The book was a great deal of fun, with a strong plot and delightful characters, some of whom are really creative and relatable. I appreciated the audiobook too. I give this book five stars.

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