Hellyboy: Omnibus Volume 1


 What can I say about Hellboy that I haven’t already said on this site? I love Hellboy. The mix of supernatural and occult and just plain awesomeness never ceases to make me happy. And this Hellboy: Omnibus Volume 1 just makes it easier for me to get a fix of that which I love. Dark Horse comics are releasing the Hellboy backlog in beautiful, big, omnibuses and I’m reviewing them (lucky me) but outside the site, I’m collecting them.


The thing I love about an omnibus is that I found stories I’ve not read before. I can freely admit I found Hellboy late in the game so there are stories I’ve not read yet. Hellboy: Omnibus Volume 1 has five stories in, and two of them I hadn’t read before which was pretty cool. So I got to revisit old favorites and find new favorites. Not a bad way to spend my day if I’m honest.  In this volume you get; Seed of Destruction, The Wolves of Saint August, The Chained Coffin, Wake the Devil and Almost Colossus.  

I, of course, knew Seed of Destruction, Wake the Devil and my personal fave, Almost Colossus, but the other two were stories I’d not read before. Both of them were exactly in line with everything else I’ve read in the Hellboy/B.P.R.D. universe. Creepy, occultish and smartly written. I particularly enjoyed the way the werewolves were written/designed. I mean, honestly I’ve never met a Hellboy/B.P.R.D. story I didn’t like, so I guess take my review with a grain of salt maybe?

The other great thing about an omnibus is the extras that you get. At the end of this volume we get treated to some early artwork and poster pitches from Mike Mignola, as well as two extra short stories.  In the end, Dark Horses will be releasing four of these big omnibus volumes, as well as two smaller The Complete Short Stories volumes.

Hellboy: Omnibus Volume 1 releases on May 22 and is absolutely a 5 star read!



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