‘Blackwood #1’ is a Great Start for a New Horror Comic


After receiving a scholarship to a special academy, several students of various off kilter backgrounds embark on a journey to Blackwood, a college facility where the dorms are creepy and the Dean is more than a bit off putting. After arriving in a town with more people in cemeteries than the living, the students are shown to their strange but stylish dorm, and briefly “introduced” to the Dean.  When they all have a similar nightmare, they realize that maybe there’s something more off putting to Blackwood than just the Dean’s behavior.

Blackwood #1 is given it’s written creep factor from writer Evan Dorkin. The strange shape of Blackwood and the eerie drawing is done by Veronica Fish, and layouts and lettering is handled by Andy Fish. In typical Dark Horse Publishing style, the colors are combined to be off putting and the horror factor is there. Blackwood #1 is an intriguing start to the new series and I’m excited to read more of this horror comic.

Blackwood #1 is now available from Dark Horse.


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