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Neko Atsume (“Kitty Collector”) made its way into the hearts of cat lovers as a mobile game. The game consisted of just leaving food and toys and “catching” cats by taking photos to collect in the catbook. That’s it. Yet, it is extremely popular and this reviewer is happily and shamelessly a Neko Atsume fan. The game definitely nails the science of cuteness with its primary colors; cats with round bodies peering at you with simple circle eyes. I’m pretty sure it’s the the little “x”‘s that mark their tushy holes!

For those who have collected all of the cats including the special ones like Mr. Meowgi (he has a sword!),  Lady Meow- Meow (an uncanny resemblance to Lady Gaga), Chariman Meow (who wears a bowl) or Guy Furry (I want that ice cream concoction) then the game can get a bit stale. The game can only update so fast!

The Future of Neko Atsume

Viz Media released two books for Neko Atsume fans in March and it they are beyond adorable! For a more active approach in admiring the cats, there is the WHERE AM I MEOW? activity book. The cover is already fun to play with as you tilt it back and forth to see the  luminescent confetti embedded in it. The book is a good challenge for Neko Atsume seasoned fans as there are activities that challenge your eyes and your memory.  There are pages similar to a “where’s waldo?” activity where the aim is to find the “correct” cat in a background full of similar looking cats but with different colored stripes or eyes. Then there are activities for finding the similar ones in the background. Many of the pages will put the cats in a background that expands greatly from the game. There is the beach background, a room of mats, and even a Halloween themed one.  So if you become impatient waiting for your favorite cat to arrive in the game, it’s right there the pages!

Plus, there are some super adorable stickers in the back!

A Bit About The Books

The second book for Neko Atsume fans is the NEKO ATSUME HAIKU book. This is the first haiku book I have ever been interested in and it’s shamelessly due to the cats. The haikus are guided by the different seasons with a simple picture of a cat accompanying it. The book is a much quieter one than the activity book but it is never the less enjoyable. For anyone who feels relaxed and happy with anything cute, then this haiku book would be perfect. Just read a few haiku and there will already be a long lasting smile on your face.

During times of stress and high anxiety, these books have been key in bringing small bouts of respite. The cats are just as adorable as they are in the app game.  There are so many pages to enjoy that each flip is a different kitty delight.

A Kitty Delight

What better way to end this review is with a sample of the haiku from the NEKO ATSUME HAIKU book. This one is accompanied by the majestic Bob the cat from atop of a mountain:

Climbed up the mountain

To conquer the world below.

Clouds beneath my feet


Both WHERE AM I MEOW? and NEKO ATSUME HAIKO book are available now from Viz media.

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