Silver Volume 1


Silver Volume 1 By Stephan Franck is a beautiful noir thrill, with vampires. The Vampire at that. Silver is a new take on the Dracula legend that veers toward Van Helsing and Harker and their descendants.  Now I love a good vampire story. I am a fan of the many different Dracula retellings through the years, but I had no idea just how badly I needed a noir thriller laced with superstition and silver dragons, and a vampire huntress with a serious chip on her shoulder.  But oh did I ever.  I must thank David at SuperFan Promotions for even bringing Silver to my attention, I’d somehow never heard of it. But now I have and I’m chomping at the bit to finish the story.

Silver Volume 1 is broken up into three chapters; Finnigan, Sledge and Curse of the Silver Dragon.  At slightly over 100 pages, this volume is a good read, and never really lets up on the action. Even the moments of possible peacefulness are punctuated with action.  The first chapter is an introduction to the main character, Finnigan, a can man/thief extraordinaire who thinks awfully highly of himself even though he tends to need a good bit of help.  The second chapter is where we meet our Huntress, a descendant of Van Helsing, and a kickbutt woman with an attitude. She is brought into the motley crew by Finnigan when his new plan to fix his big blunder is to, you know, stupidly attempt to steal from a castle inhabited by vampires on their big celebratory weekend.  And the final chapter is where we learn the story that informed Finnigan’s decision to pull this off. We also get to learn more about a pretty spooky little kid named Tao in the last chapter, and I don’t need to be psychic to know it’s not going to end well.

Silver Volume 1 is a fantastic start to a seriously cool premise. Franck mixes his genres so completely that the vampires never seem out of place in the heist caper, and the fast talking con men never seem completely lost in a horror story.  I also love the lack of color. It was, I believe, a very smart strategy to keep the comic in black and white as it really serves the creepy mood for both noir and horror.  I’m very glad to say I’ll be reviewing the 2nd and 3rd volumes relatively soon, and that the 4th is currently trying to get funded by a kickstarter (click for the link).

A volume in and I’m a fan. Can’t wait to see what comes next!




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