“Pushing Up Bluebonnets” Is the Best in the Series


In Pushing Up Bluebonnets by Leann Sweeney, private investigator Abby Rose gets a call from Chief Cooper Boyd, the chief of police of a small town. An unidentified woman has had a serious car crash, leaving her in a coma. It was not an accident either, as the woman’s brake lines were cut, her air bags removed, and all identification taken from her car. The only possible form of identification they find in the car is a business card of Abby’s, advertising that she specializes in helping adopted people locate their birth family. The only hope to identify the woman is if Abby can match the handwriting in the personal note on the card with writing in one of at least 600 letters Abby has received since starting Yellow Rose Investigations. What she finds leads to a long search into the current and past in what becomes her most complicated case yet.

I thoroughly loved listening to Pushing Up Bluebonnets, which had a clever, strong plot and believable characters. The book goes on a long journey in its investigation, with creative twists and turns that I didn’t anticipate. It proved to be exciting and full of intrigue that kept me listening eagerly. We keep thinking we’ve finally found the murderer, only to be surprised with a new development. Clearly Sweeney put a lot of thought and effort into the plotting of the book.

The characters really connect to the reader and make the book all the more gripping. We feel that we know Abby well, especially since she narrates the book and keeps us tied to the details of the action. We come to appreciate the plot all the more because we have become invested in the characters. Sometimes the investment is negative, as we come to dislike certain people with real disgust. The characters are nice and round, full of depth, which makes the book all the more enticing.

Danielle Ferland performs the audio edition of this book, and she is the perfect narrator for this series. She truly embodies the character of Abby as she plays the role of this private investigator with a big heart. I like the expressions she uses and her voices for the other characters. She does an excellent job with this book.

I have greatly enjoyed all the Yellow Rose Detective Agency books, as well as Sweeney’s Cats in Trouble series, and this is the best of the Yellow Rose books. I appreciated the many twists in the book and the great detective story. I highly recommend Pushing Up Bluebonnets and give it five stars.

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