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Julie Hoverson is a renaissance woman. Often. The rest of the time, she spends making and doing anything creative that catches her eye. At various times she has written for role playing games, hosted murder mysteries, costumed for renfaires and larping, been a panelist at many conventions, MCed for a burlesque troupe, written and produced audio dramas – most notably, the award-winning 19 Nocturne Boulevard and its various subsidiaries, and narrated over 900 indy books for

How did you first become interested in narrating audiobooks?

I’ve read aloud for fun for much of my life. I read books to my younger siblings when we were younger, and to visually impaired friends through college. Moving on to record them professionally was an easy step. I love being able to do a bunch of different voices, often at the spur of the moment.

How did you train to get into the field, and what were your earliest experiences narrating audiobooks like?

I can’t say I trained for it, except with experience, so to speak. I’d read so many books out loud that it was just second nature.

You currently have over 900 books listed on Audible under your various pseudonyms. Of the many books from your career, which do you find most memorable?

I really love the Powder Mage stories by Brian McClellan – he’s created this great world, with a complex social structure that’s relatable to a historic period of earth, but not quite the same. Plus, he writes battle scenes in a particularly compelling way, which is rare.

You have a number of noms de vox. How many do you use? And why do you use so many?

I consider a lot of it a sorting mechanism. The vast bulk of what I do falls into the category of “smutty romance” or even outright erotica, and not everyone is looking for that. Some are seperated because of the “voice” I use – for instance, I have a pair of names under which I narrate historical and Regency romances (which I love) in a British accent – one name for clean stories, the other for more explicit material. I also have a name used exclusively for products which turn out to be just awful and I don’t want associated with anything else I’ve done.

You developed quite a fan base when you worked on creating radio dramas. Tell us about your role as the diva at 19 Nocturne Boulevard. What is your role in this program?

I use “Diva” as a catch-all title, since I’m the writer, producer, casting director, actor, planner, web master, marketing director, and everything else – and it’s hard to fit all that on a business card. Like anything else on the Internet, if you can’t do it yourself, there’s no guarantee it will ever get done. Now that I’m making a comeback, I have a Patreon page, 19 Nocturne Boulevard YouTube channel (and one for my Atomic Julie’s Galactic Bedtime Stories
as well), and I livestream the editing process every evening from 6-7 PST on twitch. I’m a bit of an overachiever.

Your Facebook bio says you studied Advanced Necronomicon at Miskatonic University. What is advanced necronomicon, and explain to our readers what Miskatonic University is.

LOL – that’s an in joke to the works of H.P. Lovecraft coupled with my reluctance to share real life data with Facebook, which has turned out to be a reasonable fear, hasn’t it? I am also not 97 years old, or whatever age I have in there. I prefer to be an enigma.

You seem to be quite a fan of H.P. Lovecraft. What draws you to him?

I love his language, and the particular kind of cosmic horror he created. His work was fairly revolutionary, taking horror out of the “haunted house” or “satanic influence” paradigm, and merging it with the earliest science fiction to make us less terrified of the supernatural than we rightfully should be of what might lay beyond the stars, or just below our thin veneer of civilization. He took away the feeling that man is anywhere near the top of the food chain.

Murder In Utopia by Brian Perkins posed a unique challenge for you to record. Will you tell us about that challenge?

The story is written in a fascinating way. It is an interlocking series of stories, being recounted (at the top level) to either a psychiatrist or a religious confessor. The teller of the story is sometimes retelling something they were told, and so on – and there is no clear definition of who is speaking when, or which lines are attributable to whom. This creates an odd dreamlike flow to the story that can make it difficult to follow when reading, and doubly challenging when narrating. The oddest part is that it works, and the story is still functional – when it could have ended up a bit of a mess, were it not so deftly written. As an example,

You have your own special work schedule. What is that like?

I try and record late at night out of simple necessity. I have a sound booth set up in my house, but while the sound in there is good, it is not soundPROOF. It is a massive step up in space and cost to have an actual soundproof space built. So, since I am on a fairly busy street, if I don’t want to start and stop constantly as buses rumble past, etc., I record in the wee hours. It’s a pain since no one among my family seems to take it very seriously – they’re like “You’re home all day, let’s go to lunch!”  and I reply “Sure, I take lunch at 2 in the morning, want to meet at Denneys?”  They’re usually of the opinion that it should be easy to chance “just this once,” but it’s not.

What advice did you find especially helpful as you started out performing audiobooks that you like to share with new narrators now

Don’t bite off more than you can chew.  Complete one book before starting anything new, so you have a clear basic idea of how much work each project will take. An ounce of prep time is worth a pound of retakes….  🙂

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Interview with a Narrator: Julie Hoverson
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Interview with a Narrator: Julie Hoverson
Julie Hoverson lives a busy life, narrating audiobooks, running 19 Nocturne Boulevard, and writing an active blog, so today she talks with us about her life and career.
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