Recruiters, Resumes and Interviews, Oh My! Giant Days 39


Series Summary: Giant Days, created and written by John Allison is a funny and dramatic slice of life comic about three students trying to make the most of life while at university. The story centers around pragmatic Susan, good-natured Daisy, and the cheerful goth Esther.

Giant Days #39 is by far the funniest and most relatable issue yet. Set during a graduate job fair, this month’s issue tackles the young women’s harsh confrontation with planning for their futures beyond university. As is the comic’s usual take, the three girls approached things very differently.

There have been some very funny moments in this series but I have to say this issue from the cover to the credits made me laugh the most. This issue really hits close to home for anyone feeling like they aren’t sure of their direction in life. I hate to break it to the girls, but the anxiety they’re feeling about their future isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Susan, as we know, is already on her path to becoming a doctor, but shows up to assist her friends and make sure that her man knows what he’s doing next year. Esther’s approach to the graduate job fair can only be described as stereotypical millennial style. She goes in with absolute confidence in herself coupled without any realistic expectations. Then there’s our overachiever Daisy who represents both a college student’s dream and worst nightmare with her ability to charm recruiters without actually knowing where she wants to work.

The artwork for Giant Days #39 was colorful, expressive, and fun as it always is. Something I also love about the artwork is the commitment to diverse background “extras”. There’s almost always a character in the background from a group who’s usually invisible in comics, this month it featured a Muslim woman wearing hijab waiting in line at the resume clinic. It’s small representation but characters from the nondominant group are often even left out as background extras. It’s nice to see that the world created in Giant Days is diverse like the real thing.

After 39 issues, this was by far my favorite and I do not write that lightly. To find out how the girls fair after the job fair, you’ll have to check out Giant Days #39 for yourself.


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