Koshchei #6 The End


 Man…insert sad emoji here, it’s over. Koshchei #6 is here and that means it’s the end.  We’ve been through so much together, us readers and poor Koshchei. We’ve watched as he lost this life then his soul. He lost his love and has been tricked time and time again by the  Baba Yaga. And finally, finally he gets a sort of peace.

In Koshchei #6 we learn how he and Hellboy came to be in a bar in Hell.  We see the many battles over the years, every time the Baba Yaga sent him after Hellboy and every time that neither of them won. I was really glad to see the timeline that was given. I had wondered from the start what could bring two such interesting characters together, and the writers didn’t skimp in backstory here. Especially getting a glimpse at Vasilisa again.  I think of all the six comics, one of my favorite images was the golden birds against the bleak backdrop. It just spoke volumes to me. And the ending..man did it tug on my heartstrings. Just a lovely, hopeful way to end such a devastatingly morose story.  The way it ended (no spoilers here) is a big part of why I love the creator of this story so much.

I have been a big fan of Mike Mignola ever since I was introduced to Hellboy years ago, so for me, this trip into the world of Koshchei that intersects with Hellboy, has been fantastic. You get all the amazingness that comes with any Mignola story, plus a glimpse into a folklore that is truly fascinating. The Baba Yaga has always struck me as interesting so this short comic series has just been everything I could have hoped for.  I truly hope that down the line we see more of this character. I could and would certainly read about a dozen more of these mini series.


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