Jenny Finn


  Jenny Finn, what can I say? Do you like Mike Mignola? Do you like Cthulhu?  Do you like all things gothic horror? Then holy crap do you need to read this. It’s 138 pages of just….awesomeness. It’s definitely NSFW and not at all kid friendly, though what Mignola story has been? Now I will fully admit that I don’t know of Troy Nixey, the other credited writer on this, but I’ll be sure to be looking him up straight away. I feel a bit as if the comic gods looked into my head and pulled this straight out just for me.

I’m gushing, I know. But I mean, it’s that good.  The story of Jenny Finn starts in the Victorian Age and the ladies of the night are being murdered. Your mind immediately goes to a Jack the Ripper rip off, but this story is so much more than that.  The cast of characters is chock full of nutters and it just makes it all the better, but aside from Jenny Finn herself, the main character is Joe. Joe is a big country boy in the big city for work, and he gets himself caught up in something way out of his league.  (I so do not want to give spoilers here) He and Jenny Finn become entangled and, dear readers, it doesn’t end well.

I quite enjoyed the character of Jenny Finn, a young girl who is so plain and unassuming that if crazy old men didn’t shout at her that she’s a demon and godless and a murderer, you might think that there was nothing spectacular about her. But she is spectacular. She is a goddess, in her own way. And she is worth all your pity.

Jenny Finn was originally published in separate chapters way back in 1999, then again in 2017, the first time in color. This is the full story, plus. You get all four chapters plus 30 pages of bonus commentary and original sketches from Troy Nixey.


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