Silver Volume 2


 Silver volume 2 is just more of the same amazingness that I found in the first volume. The three chapters (4 – Orient Express, 5 -Night of the Duvaliers and 6 – Heart of the Dragon) in this volume dig deeper into the plot to con the King of the Vampires. Because that’s a guy that I would think was a good idea to con…not really.

The action picks up on a train flying across the tracks from Switzerland to Bucharest and on. It’s the first act of a long con and it nearly goes completely wrong.  The arrival of a Vampire Princess Lillian, who is by all accounts, completely off her rocker, throws a wrench in the plan. But never fear, our intrepid con men squeeze past one road black only to be faced with another. I have to say, I understand Hamilton’s trepidation. I too would be worried about my acting skills considering he’s about to walk into a room full of people who think he is food. But in the end he does a delightful job.

Throughout the three chapters you also learn the steps of a con, which I found to be highly interesting. It’s so well thought out, and if it works, it will have been brilliant plan. And of course we don’t find out in this volume if it does work out, but don’t worry, I will sacrifice my time on the altar of good reads, and continue to read until I know. (insert winky face here) As with the first volume, I can do nothing but shout from the rooftops my love of this story. The writing is clever and risky, I was particularly fascinated and enraptured of the blood memory fight scene. The echo of the bloodline was ingenious and not like anything I’d read before.  And then there is the art. The panels when the train stops, the end of the line? Just starkly beautiful is all.

I honestly cannot say enough good words about Silver Volume 2. I can’t wait to read the next two volumes. I imagine they will be just as horrific and inventive as these first two.


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