‘Demon B*tch’ Is A Hilarious Look at Misplaced Societal Values


Editor’s Note: Captain America would want us to warn you there is some rough language in this post.


Christie Shinn is no stranger to the controversial. Her book, Personal Monsters anthropomorphized feelings of depression, betrayal and anxiety. In her new book, Demon Bitch: Hellfire and Damnation, Shinn again goes after the destructive nature of our culture with a character that is so vile, so disgusting, and so depraved, you can’t help but laugh at the character’s failures to fit into human society. From the worst and least well known level of hell, Demon Bitch decides that she must go to earth to truly be her self. She immediately seeks a life of sex, drugs, and power, but fails at seemingly every turn.

If you like your comics on the revenge side, Shinn’s work is for you. Her characters all feel like people who have wronged us in our lives or have sought a selfish path that hurts. The collection are from strips Shinn has already shared with the world, with a few new ones and some fan art thrown in as well. Her work is most definitely not for everyone; sensitive readers beware.  Some of the pages are reminiscnet of old Ren and Stimpy episodes from the 1990s.

Demon Bitch: Hellfire and Damnation is now available on Amazon. 


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