Review: Give By Night the Time of Day


Variant CoverBy Night, published by BOOM! Studios is an all-new twelve-issue monthly series from Eisner Award-nominated writer John Allison (Giant Days) and artist Christine Larsen (Adventure Time) about coming home, discovering identity, and accidentally smashing a hole to another dimension.

Allison’s other work is Giant Days is a slice of life piece about three young women attending university and going on 39 issues. Allison’s newest project By Night has some slice of life elements but also possesses a mystical sci-fi element. While still very humorous and upbeat, this series feels slightly darker than his other work.

By Night follows recent college graduates Jane, a chemist who would rather be a documentarian and her former best friend Heather, an amateur urban explorer after they are reunited in their small hometown. During a night on the town, the two take a trip into an abandoned industrial building who’s owner mysteriously disappeared 25 years ago. What they find is another world.

Fans of Allison’s other work are going to love By Night. The first issue was intriguing, and Allison hints that Heather may not have come up with her urban explorer idea on a whim. Our other leading lady Jane is a really funny character and her exchanges with other characters and situations will make you laugh out loud. I’m excited to see what these girls will find and the consequences of their exploration.

The art of By Night matches perfectly with what you’d expect for Allison’s story. The characters are really animated and seem to fly off the pages. The backgrounds were detailed, setting up the atmosphere rather than relying on talking heads (which I’ve been seeing a lot of in other works recently.)

I love Larson’s cover which does a really good job of depicting the current status of the relationship between Jane and Heather in the first issue. You can see the mistrust in their eyes as they gaze back at each other and Allison hints in this first issue that something happened to drive a wedge between these best friends.

I recommend giving By Night the time of day. It’s available now in both print and digital formats.


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