Silver Vol 3


 Silver Vol 3 by Stephan Franck has me tearing out my hair. I need to know how they did it. I mean, I need to know! I love heist/con movies because I love figuring out how it’s done, but in this, the third of four issues, I still don’t know.  And it is killing me.

There is so much goodness in this volume. Another three chapters; The Hunters and the Prey, Revenants and The Fall. Another book full of stark and haunting images and a story with more twists and turns than should be good. But it is good. It works. It pulls you in until you’re running across rooftops with a Van Helsing and dodging bullets with Finnigan. They are con men, grifters, criminals….and I’m rooting for them. Like I want them to win, to get away with the silver and live long happy lives. What does that say about me?

This comic is so hard to truly summarize without giving a whole heck of a lot away, but it’s so good. I was particularly fond of the feint, though I still don’t understand how, but it was a good surprise. And I am still hoping that the kid is good and that his betrayal was part of the con, but I guess I have to wait and see, now don’t I?

The only downside to this volume (and it’s not a real “true” downside, but more of a personal line) is the bit with the babies. It’s my soft spot, and I tend to physically recoil whenever harm comes to children.  That being said, I understood the reason behind it and I could see how it propelled the story, but still, it left me squicky. Okay, I lied, the other downside to this story is that it’s not all out. I am not a patient person but I’ll have to be, to see how it all ends.

4.5 stars to Silver Vol 3 and I wait not so patiently to see how it all ends in Silver Vol 4 which will hopefully get fully funded on Kickstarter soon


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