Hellboy Omnibus 2


 Hellboy Omnibus Vol 2 comes out July 3rd and I finally got a chance to finish reading it. I like to take my time with Hellboy stories, there is always so much going on and you don’t want to miss any of it.  This is especially true because this omnibus is made up of stories I haven’t read yet. Which is always fun.

In this Hellboy Omnibus Vol 2 there are seven stories to dive into, and the Strange Places tag is not off the mark at all. You get; Right Hand of Doom, Box Full of Evil, Being Human, Conquer Worm, The Third Wish, The Island and Into The Silent Sea.  All tales that involve strange places that Hellboy has visited throughout his years with the B.P.R.D.  There is a good mix in this omnibus, but I must admit that my favorite stories are the ones with Rodger, his homunculus friend.  I really like ho wit reminds me of Frankenstein’s monster (probably on purpose right?) and how his need to learn more about humanity and his place in it affects Hellboy. They work off each other so well, and I love their dynamic.

I am also a fan of The Island as it draws on more than just the Nazi’s but other ancient religions and evils.  It goes to show that there is more to Hellboy than fighting his own battles, he will fight for others as well. And I can’t not talk about Into The Silent Sea, if only because the art is so much different than the rest. It is still an amazing Hellboy story but the differentiation in art gives it just enough of a twist to make you pay more attention.

All in all, it’s Hellyboy, so of course I am going to love it. I have ever since I was first introduced and these omnibuses have just made it easier for people like me to catch up on some of the stories we’ve missed.



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