Mata Hari #4


 Mata Hari #4 is the second to last issue of this short run. And it is the first of the series that I’ve not really appreciated. I think it might be the set up, it jumps around from time and place so much, that it is almost hard to follow.  She is still in jail, still being questioned severely, and you see her dig into her memories as a way to perhaps deal with what she is going through now.

You are transported around the globe. To Paris and to Germany. You see her beginnings of being a dancer, the advances she turned away until she finally realized that the way to get what she wanted, was to accept the advances and the gifts that came with them.  I think the part that I enjoyed the most, and the part that I am curious to know is historically accurate was her adventure in the Women’s Literary Salon, where she learned of lesbians and cross dressing. It was an interesting peek into a taboo subject from so long ago (and still today) so I wonder if that was true from her life.

In this issue she definitely becomes a pitiable character. She lost everything when the war hit and she fought to keep herself in the life she was accustomed to, all while mourning the continued separation of her daughter.  I am looking forward to the end of the series, thought not with the same fervor that I started the series with.

Mata Hari #4 comes out today from Dark Horse comics.


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