Batman #50: The Wedding of the Century?


DC has been on the hype train over the past few months about the upcoming nuptials between Catwoman and Batman in Batman #50. It’s the ultimate will they/won’t they for the two. Both Selina Kyle and Bruce Wayne are notorious at being self-sufficient loaners with very different goals. Batman #50 focuses on their past encounters and their feelings; this is either great if you’re looking for a romance or a real eye-roller if you’re hoping for an actual story line.

Truth be told, I felt Batman #50 was a severe letdown for Batman fans. It felt more like rehashed cover art with text put over it. The design style was changed many times to try to fit in as many artists and writers as possible from the Batman creative teams, but it felt more like one of those clipshows when a television program runs out of actual material to fill 30 minutes. There are a few scenes that are touching, such as a brief scene with Alfred, but overall I found myself unimpressed.

Batman #50 is available today from DC Comics.


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