Catwoman #1


Before you pick up Catwoman #1, I suggest you pick up Batman #50 or you’re going to get quite a few spoilers.  Selina Kyle is going through an emotional rollercoaster of sorts and has decided to bail out on Gotham. Now in a foreign country, she’s hiding out in a storage unit and not sleeping well. The country around her is focused on a series of recent burglaries they’ve attributed to Catwoman. The other major story in the news is attempts to regain the privacy of the personal life of the wife of the ruler of the country. After deciding to go out to clear her head, Selina is shocked to run into another woman dressed at Catwoman and stirring up a great deal of trouble.

Catwoman #1 was exciting, interesting, and fun to read; everything Batman #50 was not. The storyline was solid and the art incredibly well done.  There’s also a severe creep factor with the wife of the ruler of the country and the fact that when she takes off her makeup she’s pretty resembles a noseless corpse. The ending definitely leaves the door wide open for a good story run and I’m interested to keep up on it.

Catwoman #1 is available today from DC Comics.


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