Anime Expo: Day One Commences!


It’s day one of Anime Expo 2018! Fans of this pop culture phenomenon began gathering around the Los Angeles Convention Center yesterday for preview night and have since continued to swarm the down town LA area. TICKETS for this event are STILL available online and on site. We HIGHLY suggest purchasing through the site or in the line. DO NOT buy from a scalper at the event as AX uses RFID tracking and you could end up in a scam situation. Enough technical discussion, let’s check out what this event has in store!

AX 2018 – Explore

This year the Anime Expo Website has an EXPLORE section meant to help new and returning guests navigate the events, programming and halls. Here is what you can navigate to using this section of the AX site…

  • Events
  • Community Gatherings
  • Guests
  • Exhibit Hall Map
  • Artist Alley Hall Map
  • Details on The Annex
  • AND MORE!!!

AX 2018 – Guests

Who is going to be at Anime Expo 2018! Here is just a GLIMPSE at their celebrity offerings…

  • 22/7 – Sony Digital Idols Group
  • Utahime – Cosplayer
  • Bisuko Ezaki – Yami-Kawaii Creator
  • Chisa – J-Fashion
  • Anjali Bihmani – Voict Actress

For more on guests check out AX’s guest roster here:

AX 2018 – Hours

Hours of operation for AX can be found here:

This event runs through July 8th at the Los Angeles Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. FGN contributor Toni Adams will be there covering the event for our magazine. We hope to see you there! Sayonara, Ja Mata!


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