BOOM! Gives Us a Preview of ‘Steven Universe: Harmony #1’


Boom Studios and Cartoon Network have released a preview of the upcoming comic Steven Universe: Harmony #1, the first part of a five issue limited series from S.M. Viadurri and Mollie Rose.  The story focuses on Steven helping Sadie cope with quitting her job at Big Donut and losing Lars. Unfortunately, they also have to gather the gems to deactivate an old Diamond Authority artifact before it destroys Earth.

“Steven and the Crystal Gems thought the Gem War was a thing of the past and well…they were really, really wrong,” said Matthew Levine, Editor, BOOM! Studios. “STEVEN UNIVERSE: HARMONY is going to bring new headaches and challenges for our heroes, along with all the trademark, heart, humor and adventure you’ve come to expect!”

Look for your copy in August, but here’s a preview to tide you over:


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